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I stayed at Moustache Hostel Pushkar in this month and for the first time with my parents and sisters. It was an amazing experience making them feel the hostel life.
I know, I know! I have not written anything for really a long time. But, in my defense, there was so much happening in my life that I just didn’t realize how time flew. Here I will try to summarize last one year of my life – not sure if words will do justice to my experiences, but I will try.
As the title say, this one here is about Khajuraho, a small temple town in heart of India, Madhya Pradesh.
This is one of the most frequently asked questions for travellers in India. Even though it is not that difficult, most travellers to India lack awareness about this topic and hence feel overwhelmed. They then prefer to use travel agents for booking their travel within the country. I want to burst that myth and let everyone know that it is super easy to book trains in India.
Day 2 – Will you go to Raneh Falls?
Known mostly as home to Kamasutra temples, Khajuraho is much more than just that. Infact erotic statues on temples account for hardly 5% of total statues
Valencia has given Spain its most popular food which is now available in variety of forms across the country. All I can say - Valencia is Charming.
Cafés are an integral part of experiencing Manali, especially Old Manali, and they were lot more than just cafés to me.
I always thought Manali to be a destination for honeymoon couples and families, but what I experienced firsthand was a whole new story.
Solo travel can sound daunting to a introvert at first, but once you take that leap of faith it is life changing – believe it, as it comes from a fellow introvert. You do not lose your own self, but you become more connected to the world.
Switzerland known for its beautiful alps is much more than just those. Yes, this beautiful country is on must visit list of almost every savvy traveler or tourist.
Prague or Praha is so different from any other European city with its colorful architecture, charm, and monuments around the city. I was on a family vacation in Prague after travelling solo for about 20 days in other European cities.
Many canals, historical city center, and off-course chocolates, beer, and fries all make Brugge a traveler's paradise. The entire historical city center of Brugge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its landscapes are just to live for.