I help to setup hostels and identify & implement improvement opportunities.

I provide customized solutions to every hostel I work with. So if you have following questions in your mind regarding your hostel, you can contact me for further discussion.

1. How to start a hostel? or How to start a hostel in India?

2. How to improve operational efficiencies of my hostel?

3. How can I improve profitability of my hostel?

4. How to improve guest experience at my hostel?

and more…

What I can help you with?

1. Operations Consulting: I analyze and improve day to day operations and processes of your hostel – Human Resources, Revenue Management, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Softwares and Systems, Finances, and Supply Chain

2. Action Plans and Implementation: I work on creating comprehensive and practical action plan for findings during operational analysis and also provide support during implementation – setting quality of operations and processes.

3. Revenue Management: I help hostels with pricing management for seasonality and also in identifying additional areas of revenue generation.

4. Sales and Marketing Strategies: I provide market research about hostel industry and guest expectations and also help you in designing your sales and marketing strategies.

How much it cost to Hostels and what I get from this?

I understand that some hostels are typically small setups with limited budgets. Thus, my charging varies from project to project based on scope of work and timelines. My contracts range from one to few months depending on hostels requirement.

You can contact me with your question and if you want me to work with your hostel, then we can work on the offers.

Why work with me?

After working as a management consultant for about 11 years, I decided to go independent – both for work and for location. I stayed at hostels across various countries on several of my travels before, but after I volunteered with a hostel in Goa, I realized, that I want to associate with hostels in a more professional level. Given my experience as a management consultant, this venture lets me utilize my experience and skills for Hostel Industry.

Starting out as a volunteer for guest engagement and social media marketing, I transitioned into management of hostels and then into setting up properties, processes & operations. I have worked with hostels in Goa, Mumbai, and Bangalore on 30-60 beds properties.

The knowledge I gain with each hostel adds to my experience and skills that are required to take a hostel towards a sustainable growth trajectory. I am extremely familiar with hostel culture as a guest and also with challenges of managing a hostel in India.

How to reach me?

Need help with something specific at your hostel? or Not sure about what your is missing? Send me an email on and I will get back to you for discussing the details.