I enjoy travel planning - even if it is for someone else.

I plan my own travels, right from destinations to things to do and local transportation, from visa applications to itinerary planning. While I work with traveler hostels, I have helped in travel planning for lot of travelers who came to India to explore the country.

How cool it would be if someone takes away the research and travel planning efforts for you and help you build an itinerary which is unique and customized just for your travel goals. I am not just a solo traveler, I travel with friends, family, and group of other travelers also. So, rest assured, whatever your travel requirement, I can help you build your own personalized travel plan.

I do not book travel for you but I can suggest best deals possible for your travel and stays, so that you don’t have to invest time and effort in doing this yourself. You can then make the bookings directly.

What Can I Help You With?

1. Recommendation on Flight/Train/Bus Tickets
2. Suggestions on places to to stay and links booking directly
3. Suggestions on local transportation for airport, accommodation, and activities
4. Local tours and daily itinerary
5. Best places to eat/recommended restaurants/cafes
6. Local instructions for currency exchange, safety, convertors, etc.
Contact me via email at or send me an enquiry through following link.