Tot Ziens Brussels

Tot Ziens (See You Soon) Brussels

Grote Markt Brussels, Belgium
There comes a day in your life when waiting anymore feels like a waste of time. Euro Trip was just that for me. There came a time when I decided to take the plunge all by myself. Sounds like m talking about getting married or some bigger decision in my life? It was big to me. Introvert by birth, in this trip, I was like a panda trying to learn kungfu. But just like in the movie, I started to enjoy every minute of it.
Now that I had decided to fly solo, I decided to put myself in self created experiment by not only travelling alone but also making sure that I am surrounded by more and more strangers – instead of cozy hotels, I decided to crash at hostels sharing room with other travelers and I purposely did not carry any internet or phone with me when I was out on roads.
How did it feel? On the first day, it felt like I was a self torture trip but as days passed by, I became more comfortable with choosing my own path, deciding my own routes, and dealing with last minute gate changes at airport, finding my way around the cities while taking directions from strangers, and meeting some great people on the way. All in all, the trip changed my opinion about myself. I, quite literally, surprised myself.

It was a short meeting with Brussels and I feel it was incomplete, thus I shall be back soon. I visited Brussels on transit from Bruges to Madrid. Two hours away from Bruges, Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and the capital of the European Union’s government. Although I did not spend much time here, it still left me with memories of the most beautiful central square – the Grand Place or Grote Markt.

Grote Markt Brussels, Belgium
Grote Markt Brussels, Belgium
Grote Markt looks breathtaking at night when it is all lit up. The square is surrounded by guildhalls, the city’s Town Hall, and the Breadhouse building which is now the City Museum. Opulence of buildings is so apparent that no-one can just pass by without admiring them. No wonder that the buildings in the Square are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
One thing which I love about European cities is walking history tours. I take walking tour in almost all cities I visited and I did it in Brussels too, although I had to leave it midway to catch my flight to Madrid. Here is how we spent about 24 hours in Brussels:

Walk around Grote Markt

No matter how much I tried to venture outside this square it kept calling me back. I just loved spending time there not only for beautiful buildings but also for vibrant life around. We spent all afternoon and early evening in Grote Markt only to come back again at night to absorb its beauty and join a group for pub crawl.

Grote Markt Brussels, Belgium

Pub Crawl at night

There are many night walking tours and pub crawls that start from Grote Markt. We joined one such pub crawl and experienced amazing night life of Brussels with a diverse group of amazing people from across the globe.

Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis translates to a Little Man Pee. It is a small bronze statue depicting a small boy peeing into the fountain’s basin. The statue is also dressed on various occasions like Christmas and national days.

Manneken Pis, Brussels, Belgium
St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral, Brussels, Belgium

St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral

It is a roman catholic church which received the cathedral status in 1962. Due to its location, this cathedral is used for national ceremonies such as royal weddings and state funerals.

Galerie de la Reine

It is a glazed shopping arcade located next to the Grand Place. It is famous for finest Belgian chocolate shops, luxury boutiques, and clockmakers in Belgium.

Galerie de la Reine, Brussels, Belgium

Brousaille Wall Brussels

It is one of the first wall murals painted in 1991 depicting a cheerful couple taking stroll around the city. There are some 30+ wall murals of comic strips painted across Brussels, making it the comic strip capital of the world. Belgian Comic Strip Center is one of the top attractions of the city and it also hosts the Comic Strip festival every year.

Brussels–Charleroi Canal

We stayed on bank of this canal in Hostel Meininger. Brussels–Charleroi Canal is one of the important canals in Belgium running from Charleroi in the south to Brussels in the north.

Mont des Arts

The Kunstberg or Mont des Arts is a historic site in Brussels located at walking distance from Grote Markt.
Even in that small time spent, Brussels left me craving for more. I definitely will be back again!
If you want to know any details about this trip please feel free to connect with me or comment below.

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