Welcome to TravelShots!- Stories of my Travel from Across the Globe

Hi! I am Nidhi, a traveller at heart who is living a nomad life for about 2 years now. This website started as my personal diary and now has become a collection of my stories and experiences to share with everyone.


I prefer to stay with hostels when I travel and it is always helpful to have a friend recommend a place he/she has stayed at before.

With this section I plan to be that acquaintance or friend who can give her honest review of hostels.



Hi I am Nidhi. Welcome to my Travelsite, TravelShots! I am an Independent Consultant by Profession, I started my journey as a Nomad about 2 years back when I gave up the idea of a full time job to travel and explore our world.

I have also worked with some backpacker hostels in Goa, Bangalore, and Mumbai for operational setup and improvement, marketing, and guest engagement. It all started with volunteering with a hostel in Goa for fun.

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