Hi I am Nidhi - a Nomad, a Hostel Consultant, and a freelance Strategy & Operations Consultant.

So, I am born to parents with wanderlust. Thus, it is no surprise that I love to explore new places. It took me some years to realize that my travel bug is more intense than I had thought. I went on a first Solo trip in 2015 and instantly fell in love with the idea. Since then I have been on many solo trips, some as a budget traveler and some not so budget.

Finally, in December of 2017, I bid adieu to the life of full time job in Mumbai and moved to Delhi with my parents by March 2018. Since then I have been traveling around while working on projects that I could do remotely.

Now, I also work with backpacker hostels for setting them up, improving operations and processes, marketing strategies, tours and activities, and guest engagement. All this started with volunteering at a hostel in Goa.

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How I Started to Work With Backpacker Hostels

My first ever solo trip was back in 2015 when I went to Europe for a month, while still working full time as a management consultant. That was the first time I stayed at backpacker hostel in Paris and at other destinations also. However, till June 2019, I had only stayed at European traveler hostels and did not know that the concept existed in India.My first hostel stay in India was in Manali, which was also practically my first solo travel in India.

I had spent a really good time with volunteers on my travels and had some really amazing explorations with them. Which is why I thought to volunteer with some hostel in Goa and connected with a few of them on their reservation numbers. One hostel responded – Woke Hostel, Arpora.
Why Goa? – Why not Goa? 🙂

I volunteered with Woke Hostel for a month. That was the best time I spent in Goa with hostels while exploring the state with them. I came back home after that, only to realize that I missed the hostel life. It was then when I got a chance to work with Locomo Hostel in Mumbai and that is how it all started.

Coming from a consulting background, I can wonderfully utilize my skills in addressing problems hostels are facing to set-up or operate and in identifying creative opportunities for growth. My Passion for travel also brings in my perspective as traveler to the space.

Till now I have volunteered, managed, setup, and operated backpacker hostels in Goa, Mumbai, and Bangalore. I would love to work with other hostels in India in any capacity I can and contribute towards growth of hostel industry in India.

Reach out to me if you want to start a hostel or need help with your existing hostel. Want to explore a project with me?

Me and My Photography

I am an armature photographer. I started to realize that I enjoy the process just a few years ago. I have started to teach myself about technicalities and also photoshop through YouTube and online courses. 
I started TravelShots as my online travel photo album around mid 2017 and shared only with my family and friends. As I went on to travel more, I wanted to share my stories and experiences and decided to make this into a more organized website.

I am exploring my skills as a photographer and have done some organized shoots for my friends. If you like my photos and want to work with me, connect with me and we shall explore further.